Creative Friends Asia launch Hologram talks, a World first

Using Holograms to communicate is no longer relegated to the realms of Star Wars fantasies but has become a reality with Creative Friends first collaboration with VX Entertainment.

Rick Garson, CEO and Founder of VX Entertainment, also known as the creator who executive produced the Billboard Music Awards, teams up with Creative Friends Asia to launch Asia’s first Creative Talks using holographic technology.

Entitled HOLOGRAM, this interactive series of events will commence on August 19th from 3pm to 6pm at the VX Entertainment China headquarters in Beijing, with a second event on September 2nd. The aim of HOLOGRAM is to share inspiration and educate the masses about various creative mediums whilst driving technology forward. The first two events will focus on photography, Advertising, Fashion, Modelling and Opera Singing through the appearance of leaders of industry.

During the interactive talks, the guest speakers are placed in a special booth, they are then streamed live on stage through a process VX Entertainment has created. They have also produced the Olympic Expo tour and have been chosen as the creative directors for the winter Olympic Expo 2022 interactive exhibition tour and 2017 China-UN Summit in New York City.

Team members of VX Entertainment also worked on Michael Jackson’s hologram during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards (which is created by their CEO Rick Garson) and has since attracted millions of hits through Youtube and other social media.

“It is great to collaborate with Creative Friends Asia, what attracted me to them is their belief in uniting creatives and they have a good community platform here in Beijing and Singapore. Doing interactive creative talks using this kind of holographic technology is a first in Asia and I really believe that together, we are going to bring new heights in assisting the creative industries”, says Rick Garson, Founder, CEO VX Entertainment.

“Collaborating with Rick and his team is a tremendous opportunity to allow world class guest speakers to share their stories and educate others through the lense of the 5th dimension”, adds Lazius Kaye, founder of Creative Friends Asia.

During this first HOLOGRAM event on August 19, speakers will include Rick Garsonhimself, Polly Chu, the previous CCO of JWT China / Cannes Lion award winner and Yu Xi Zi a renown Chinese Fashion Designer who is the founder of popular brand LALABOBO. The stellar line up continues on September 2nd with Singaporean How Hwee Young the Chief Photographer for the European Pressphoto Agency (EPA) and judge for the World Press Photo; Sun Yichao, a Chinese runway Supermodel who cat walks all over the world; and Lu Xiao a renown Chinese Opera Soprano.

Each guest speaker will have a total of fifteen minutes to give a talk in Chinese, which is then translated into English. HOLOGRAM focus is an opportunity for each speaker to share how they overcame their challenges whilst working on international projects that only a few in the world have the chance to experience – all guest speakers are voluntarily giving their time to participate.

“Holograms are the kinda things you see in the movies, so when I heard it was going to be used to give talks to enhance the creative industry, I immediately saw the benefits in an event like this”, comments Polly Chu.

“Photojournalism is an art form that deserves more awareness, and I feel that the combination between the Creative friends platform and the Holographic technology will allow creatives a unique approach in captivating people’s imagination and sharing insights about their work in new ways”, comments How Hwee Young, Chief photographer European Pressphoto agency.

“I am really excited to be one of the first speakers in Asia to give a talk as a hologram, this is really cool way for me to express myself and gain the audience’s attention”, Sun Yichao, International Runway Supermodel.

“China has very little opportunity to give chance to creatives to come together to improve the industry standards. I said yes to this event because it has lots of meaning and is a great opportunity for me to share with people how we can elevate the fashion industry ”, comments Yu Xi Zi, Founder of LALABOBO.

“Opera is probably one of the toughest art forms to gain most attention. I think what Creative Friends and VX Entertainment are doing is very healthy for the industry and I am very happy to be participating in this event”, comments Lu Xiao, Opera Soprano.

Only sixty tickets will be made available for purchase through Yoopay and forty more for the crew, staff and VIPs for each HOLOGRAM event.