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Improving standards in Asia through creative Unity

Why Creative Friends Asia

First what you should know

Creative Friends Asia is a community helping to improve standards for Creatives in Asia through meaningful platforms:

Founded by creatives for creatives, we have bridged more than five thousand of our members in Singapore and China with companies attracting new jobs and projects

Creatives have also had the opportunities to learn from industry leaders including World Champions, Chief Creative Officers and more

Simultaneously creatives with unique ideas can benefit from our grant application services and enrol in our incubation program

Principles of Creative Friends Asia are featured in CNN (go), Channel News Asia, China Daily, CCTV, CGTN, Ad Asia, Marketing Magazine, the Singapore Straits Times amongst others

In 2017, we also created the World's first Interactive Creative Talks using holographic technology

Talent placement


International projects


Community Learning


Incubation programs


Creative Community Interests

Uniting all creatives including freelancers, professionals & agencies

From Music and Film

Musicians, artists, engineers and sound production management, producers, Camera crews, photographers, production facilitators, location hunters

Art and Animation

Painters, ceramicists, illustrators, animators, sfx artists, VR, augmented reality, projection mapping, hologram artists

To Branding, Fashion and more!

Graphic designers, digital/traditional marketers, advertisers, event managers, publicists, writers, bloggers, Designers, makeup artists, stage directors, models

Influencial Members

Members of the Creative Friends Asia community who help us make a difference

Creative Friends Asia community events

We have organised more than 20 events to build, educate and connect creatives to global leaders of industry

Hologram Talks

A world first by Creative Friends Asia & VX Entertainment


What people say about us

Companies benefit by saving time as our community can help source for all types of creatives within one place - Creatives gain professional advice from industry leaders, meet more like minded individuals, gain professional guidance and ultimately find more opportunities

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